Software Tutorials

These materials can help you hack your way through the thorny paths of modern technology.

Some of them are QuickTime videos; you may need to get the QuickTime player in order to view them. If you don't have it already, click here for Macintosh and here for Windows. The installation program will install both the QuickTime player as a standalone application, and also will install a web-browser based player. It's possible that there won't be a browser plugin player for your particular browser. You'll know because clicking on the link for one of the videos alone won't produce a movie playing in your web browser. In that case, you will need to download a video to your computer (by right-clicking on the link and choosing "Save Link As..." or the equivalent), and then double-clicking the downloaded file to play it.

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Name Description
Sibelius 101 A QuickTime movie giving you basic instruction in working with Sibelius music notation software.
Inserting Musical Examples in Documents A web-style presentation giving you the rudiments of placing musical examples created in programs like Sibelius or Finale into word processing documents. (Very important information for writing papers!)
Harmonic Analysis in Sibelius 1 A QuickTime movie which teaches you the basics of creating harmonic analysis symbols using Sibelius.
Harmonic Analysis in Sibelius 2 A QuickTime movie which adds to the previous lesson, and gives some of the finer points of harmonic analysis symbols (such as chromatic alterations), using Sibelius.
Using Tables in Microsoft Word A quick web-style presentation showing you how to create and use a table in Microsoft Word; great for creating charts and the like.
Superscripts in Microsoft Word In analysis papers you often have to superscript numerals (i.e., place them smaller, higher, and to the right of a letter or another number.) This web-style presentation shows you how to do it.
LaRue Charts in Microsoft Word A QuickTime movie which goes over some of the rudiments of creating a tabulated LaRue-style analysis chart in Microsoft Word.
Reductive Analysis in Sibelius 1 A QuickTime movie which teaches you the basics of creating Schenkerian-style graphic analyses using Sibelius.
Reductive Analysis in Sibelius 2 A Quick movie which adds to the previous lesson about creating graphic analyses, and includes some handy tips for avoiding some of the most frustrating problems that can come up.
Kapelle Dictation 1 - Basics A QuickTime movie which teaches the rudiments of using Kapelle Dictation, SFCM's central eartraining application.