Online Materials

Departmental Sightsinging Textbook

Here you will find links to download the various units of the deparment's custom sightsinging text. (This area of the site is password-protected.)

Aldwell-Schachter Harmony Supplements

Here you will find lecture notes, recordings of the workbook analysis selections, and sundry other materials, all aimed at helping you work your way through "Harmony and Voice-Leading".

Harmony Workbook Here you will find PDFs of the custom workbook assignments designed by the department to complement the Aldwell-Schachter harmony text.

Formal Analysis Supplements

Lecture notes, examples, and even audio versions of lectures in many of the basic analysis topics we cover.

Advanced Analysis Supplements

Slides from lecture notes, and other materials, from MMT 252-253 Advanced Analysis, covering topics in Schenkerian analysis.

Figured Harmony Exercises

Exercises that complement courses 209-210 Keyboard Harmony. Each of the ten chapters consists of cadences, sequences, and a set of exercises to be studied and played.

Score-Reading Exercises

This set of exercises complements courses 209-210 Keyboard Harmony, covering C clefs, multiple clef-reading, transpositions, and score-reduction examples.

Open Score Chorales in Four Clefs

Open-score Bach chorales are notated in the traditional soprano, alto, tenor, and bass clefs.

Lieder Sing & Play Exercises

In these lieder, the piano parts are reasonably easy, and the piano part does not reduplicate the vocal line. The lieder are offered in high, medium, and low voices.

Lieder Harmonization Exercises

This set of Schubert lieder begin with a full piano part, but after the first line the piano part vanishes. Versions are provided for high and low voices.

Continuo Exercises

The exercises in this unit can be performed by a single player.

Essays and Miscellaneous Writings

Reading material of all types, including "how to" essays on writing analysis papers, contemplations on methods forms of analysis, and other topics.

Software Tutorials

These tutorials are mostly aimed at helping you with computer-related tasks. They include some web-style presentations, but are mostly movies in QuickTime format.

Eartraining Software

These applications are available in the Conservatory's student computer center, but we also make them available for download here.

Staff Paper PDFs

PDF files that you can use to print staff paper of various kinds.